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The Hive Residency at TheCamp


The Hive is the first 6-month creative residency on innovation for 20 Designers, Artists, and Makers at the campus called The camp. We were invited to reflect on society and innovation and see if we could come up with new innovative ideas while collaborating with each other.

At The camp, I have gained numerous experiences and meaningful connections that I will never forget. It was a unique and bizarre situation that gave me the opportunity to personally reflect on myself as well as worldly issues in an involved way. For example by mentorship by successful artists and entrepreneurs.

It has been a surreal experience. We Lived, Worked, Slept, and created at this place, an hour away from the nearest city. It was a place not necessarily made for us. A place made to host the most important speakers of innovation. and host huge events. Even the architecture expresses to this purpose.

We were the first In a strange and experimental state of living. 20 people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The camp aspired to create a place outside of normal financial and practical needs, where people freely could experiment with concepts that could create a better future. We have made the interactive installation Interlude here. 

At night and at the weekend the place closed and everyone went home, except the 20 hivers, this gave us a lot of freedom.

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At a certain point, We started to realize the absurdity of our situation, We started to experiment with showing our cultures and play with the often still corporate and institutional mindset of the events,  This experience has allowed a unique perspective on the collaboration between innovation, technological activism design, and art.

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