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Currently we are making Dinn as an installation in T56 in Eindhoven

The concept of the self has been an ever evolving ideal throughout history, not only do we have to come to terms with existing. We then have to establish a relationship with our own tools to interpret the world, our emotions, and senses. Our frame of reference - data that we process based on our personal history and genetics. The way we do this can vary hugely from person to person. Does it really make sense obsessing over our notion of self, when others will always perceive us differently? In other words, what is the difference between our subjective self-image, and the objective truth of perceiving and being perceived?

One such scenario where this difference occurs is human emotional expression. Emotion often has a specific emotional charge tied to you. But this is warped based on the interpretation of it by others - best you can do is take an educated guess how they will take your emotional outburst. A lot of distortion of emotions happens between the sender and perceiver. And emotions can quickly turn into unnuanced, rough, ugly stereotypes of themselves. Better said: we become parodies and archetypes.

DINN uses Emotional intelligence technology as a tool to give people a self confronting and reflecting experience.  

This project is supported by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven, Project Collaborator : Carlos Gonzalez Moreno 

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