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In current days, online censorship is on the rise, Free speech is not seen as a human right by many oppressive regimes. What happens when you post abstract/artistic critical content on these censored social media outlets. How long does it take for the algorithm and political moderators to catch up and delete the content? When do they learn to identify the type of content quicker?, Political freedom of speech becomes a game of cat and mouse. one side looking to control and direct the narrative, and the other continuously having to find new tricks to confuse the algorithms while protecting their own identity, in order to advocate for critical thought and free information.


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Their information websites are full of malware, and much information outside of it is being altered, please search for or promote accurate recent information of the situation.  


Reflection on the current, 

Made in collaboration with Cormac Fitzpatrick and Frai Loud  

Harvest, Digital scenes (teasers)

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Visions of Life and city living


Destructive Society 

- Experiments

Aggression and Destruction can be related to hate and horror, but the opposition of this hate can be labeled the same: think of graffiti and protests, these acts fight the real destructive scenarios that cause suffering and pain.

Reflecting on society: destruction is not born from single instances or individuals. Destructive acts in a community are often related to an attitude, a larger number of mindsets and interactions that facilitate the destructive scenario’s to exist and repeat themselves. Combined, all these individual acts create hateful interactions.

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