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Interlude - Interactive Installation


Project Partners

- Nanaui Amoros Silva



- Fransesco Garbo

Film maker


Nowadays when you think about movement and
mobility, people often strive for the terms:
Efficiency and Speed.

We forget that taking a moment to ourselves, to
reflect and breath, is good for both our mental and
physical health. Especially if travel has allowed us a break in daily life.

Reflecting on our actions is also one of the main ways
of learning how to improve and be more empathic.
Unfortunately, travel has to be quick, our time has to
be spend responsibly.

Interlude Exhibited in Paris : Made by Nanaui and Fransesco

This installation focuses on taking someone out of their daily pattern, and unconsciously gives them this moment to themselves.
The experience takes place in a public space, for example, a train station where you can easily have a wait time of 40 minutes, due to mandatory early check in's.

When they approach, the Installation will isolate them and begin showing light from deep within. If the user stays to investigate, It starts playing directional sounds (so only the user can hear) to guide them to enter.
Light begins responding to the breathing of the user through a touchable orb.
Unconsciously the breathing of the user gets linked to the installation, and with using slowing of pulse and positive + negative feedback, the breathing will go down and guide the user into a state of relaxation.
We implemented the Fibonacci sequence throughout the installation, to make people connect even more with themselves unconsciously. The Golden ratio gives a human being a sense of recognition and helps with putting them at ease quickly.


Interlude Exhibited in Paris by Nanaui and Fransesco

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