BIO - Olivier Filip van den Brandt

Conceptual Artist - Spatial Designer

I am interested in the intense impact of frame of reference on personality, I'm also curious about the differences between existentialist reality and the human performing in its role in society.


I believe the crossroads between art and design is an important predecessor to practical creations concerning a "better" future and self-actualization. Using artistic freedom in a specific direction. I like to flip any and all referential boxes that create society. (what are the shapes, objects, rituals, etc, that construct life? and why are they?) I like thinking about how redefining these referential boxes would impact the human and animal life experience, there are so so many yet unexplored possibilities, I explore this trough: radical spatial choices - altered use for technologies  - or other ways of object-human interaction. If enough guided experimentation is done, maybe we will find some healthier alternatives to the mess that is contemporary. 


Parallel to this, I think it is always necessary to directly respond to the contemporary world context. If I'm creating for abstruse ideation while someone is suffering next to me, then even my best future intentions will be meaningless. for now, moral "improvement" is still a fight. And any creator should be aware of their position in this: "In what societal context am I operating?" I think the world and me with it often show its absurd lack of self-awareness.  

This text is written in a self-biased way

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Formal education 


BA Fine Art, Teesside University, Prague


Interior Design, Sint Lucas , Eindhoven


Regulair Studio Collaborator - Carlos Daniel Gonzalez Moreno : Industrial Designer - Poet. We often work together in various ways.