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BIO - Olivier Filip van den Brandt

Conceptual Artist - Spatial Designer

There is so much to discover. Look at something long enough and you will always see more details. It’s endless, unrelenting, and sometimes absurd. You are the constant that can counter this immensity. Your perception, and the environments you created for yourself. 


So much to discover. Not a new technology or a dinosaur. But ways to shape what we already have, we can keep challenging and growing the ways we perceive and structure our direct surroundings. to make it more sense-making or exciting to maneuver through. To get there, We need endless, unrelenting, and sometimes absurd-looking experimentations. 

My point of departure for making work is usually Spatial Design. Creating environments that offer people interesting interactions or confrontations, The last few years I have leaned more toward research and performance-based art.

I love the unknown. And I love going out to get to learn from people’s realities. It doesn’t matter what they are : moral, immoral, desperate, or ecstatic. There is a valuable perspective in everything. I aim after each project to be able to make more informed designs. find more ways to use what seems abstract for practical meaning.

Supported By :


Formal education 


BA Fine Art, Teesside University, Prague


Interior Design, Sint Lucas , Eindhoven


Regulair Studio Collaborator - Carlos Daniel Gonzalez Moreno : Industrial Designer - Barista We often work together in various ways. 

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